Onshore Seismic

Global oil supply and consumption concerns have again placed a high premium on seismic services and their role in securing new reserves through new discoveries. Caspian Services Inc., as part of its portfolio of services, is at the forefront of this industry in the Republic of Kazakhstan through its two subsidiary seismic companies, Tat-Arka LLP and JSC Kazmorgeophysica.

Tat-Arka LLP, a wholly owned subsidiary of Caspian Services Inc., enjoys a strong reputation in Kazakhstan for providing quality seismic acquisition services for both international and local oil and gas exploration companies. Tat-Arka LLP specializes in onshore seismic surveys and to date has focused its work on the oil rich western regions of Kazakhstan.

In 2006, Tat Arka LLP expanded its capabilities in the country through the addition of a second fully independent crew. Tat-Arka has also invested heavily in the professional qualifications of its staff as well as in its technical equipment. The company employs the most experienced specialists in the geological-geophysical sector of Kazakhstan’s Oil industry. Specialists have at least 5 years experience working at Kazakhstan oil and gas fields and most specialists have successfully completed training courses with foreign companies. Tat-Arka operates its own technical equipment (Input/Output Vibrators, Sercel 408 systems, etc.). This quality service ability sets Tat-Arka apart from its competition and has positioned the company as the seismic company of choice for both international and domestic clients.

Tat-Arka LLP equipment includes:

  • Seismic vibrators AMG and NOMAD
  • Telemetric seismic stations I/O, Sercel
  • Seismic station for uphole crew
  • Satellite geodesic systems (GPS)
  • Equipment for explosive operations
  • Radio communication Motorola Icom
  • Track-type vehicles
  • Support vehicles
  • Field camp for 150 persons equipped in accordance with international standards
  • Satellite phone stations
  • Field computer system for quality control and analysis.