Marine Services
The Republic of Kazakhstan has attracted significant foreign investment and interest of late as a result of its substantial hydrocarbon potential. With 7-9 billion barrels of recoverable oil being attributed to the Kashagan discovery alone it is easy to understand the excitement. However, Kazakhstan`s north east Caspian waters are extremely shallow and place a significant premium on the need for a shallow draft fleet and the experience to manage and operate one. With a fleet of 15 shallow draft vessels ranging from accommodation and work barges capable of entering waters as shallow as 1.7 meters to marine seismic source vessels capable of working in waters 2 meters deep, Caspian Services Inc. is at the forefront of the industry in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Every vessel in our fleet meets international safety standards as well as the demanding environmental standards of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Our crews include some of the most experienced seamen in Kazakh waters and our senior management understands the demands and expectations of the oil and gas industry.

Three platforms, each capable of accommodating between 40 and 100 passengers. The largest accommodation platform is equipped with a helideck

2 tugs at 13.5t bp and 50t bp respectively

Shallow draft survey craft with survey offices and ample accommodation.

769t multi-purpose supply vessel with accommodation for 23 and deck cargo space for 58 TEU containers.

A 1928t length cable laying vessel with an A- frame 18t (at 5.5m outreach) and 6 point mooring.

9 ultra shallow oil spill response crafts with drafts ranging from 0.3 to 0.45m and a length of approximately 12m

One multicat with 800 hp, anchor handling / towing winches from 20 - 50 t and deck cranes 10 - 140 t/m.