Health & Safety
The safety of our vessels and operations is of the utmost importance to Caspian Services Inc. and is a key component of our culture and competitive strength. Best practice QHSE management systems and policies effectively minimize the hazards to clients, employees and contractors of operating in demanding environments. These practices also reduce the risks of pollution incidents associated with spills on land and water. Caspian Services Inc.’s goal is zero accidents, injuries and cases of ill health.

The company has implemented a corporate wide quality system based on the requirements of the ISO 9001 2000. Going beyond compliance Caspian Service Inc. proactively pursues QHSE excellence rather than reacting to regulations and procedures through a process of continual improvement. QHSE is integrated into every operation and position and underlining its importance the CEO has overall and final responsibility for the implementation and performance of Caspian Services’ QHSE program.

The QHSE-MS is designed on nine standard components:
  • Leadership and Commitment
  • Policies and Objectives
  • Organization, Responsibilities and Resources
  • Hazard Management
  • Document Control
  • Planning and Procedures
  • Emergency Response
  • Implementation and Performance Reviews
  • Inspections, Auditing and Document Review
Caspian Services Inc. fully complies with the International Safety Management (“ISM”) Code of the IMO and also seeks to incorporate the most stringent OGP guidance. The ISM Code provides an international standard for the safe management and operation of ships, pollution prevention and certain crew and vessel certifications.

Internal and external audits of Caspian Services Inc. QHSE systems are performed on a regular basis as part of crew and vessel certification. All subcontractors are also audited and inspected and expected to meet the same general requirements and standards to which Caspian Services Inc. works.

QHSE systems have identified asbestos, radioactive materials and noise as occupational health hazards. Specialists prepared an asbestos management plan and annual surveys were initiated in 2008. Noise surveys are in the process of being completed for all vessels. The company is currently investigating the requirements for a radiological survey of the Aktau and Atyrau area.

First class QHSE systems make sound economic sense, as they reduce the risks of incurring substantial liabilities and penalties for non-compliance in offshore maritime operations.