As a socially responsible corporation, Caspian Services Inc. believes in the long term commercial benefits of sustainability and strives to protect the environment through effective waste management, energy efficiency and pollution prevention.

Our Quality, Health, Safety, and Environmental (QHSE) policies and management system are a key component of our culture and competitive strength and are integrated into every operation and position. These systems effectively minimize the risks and impacts of our operations on the environment, assist our goal of zero long-term impact and help build competitive advantage and economic value.

All of the vessels in our fleet follow stringent safety and environmental standards from ?zero discharge and dumping at sea’, logging and reporting of fuel and water use, to waste generation and handling. More importantly, it is our policy to go beyond mere compliance with the law. Our policy is to employ the best practical standards and procedures even in the absence of any legal requirement to do so.

As part of this effort, Caspian Services Group prepared a Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emission inventory in 2009 to better understand our impact on the global environment. Building on this inventory, we have created a GHG management policy and established a system for monitoring our emissions.

The effectiveness of our QHSE management systems is evident in the reduction in our GHG emissions, waste generation and water use intensities between 2006 and 2008. Read more about Caspian Services Group’ efforts to protect the environment at the links below:
  • Climate Change
  • Other Air pollutants
  • Ballast Waters
  • Waste handling
  • Policies